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Norton Bear Stones

NORTON IB8 Alu Oxide 8" x 2" (200 x 50mm) O/F Combo Stone

NORTON IB8 Alu Oxide 8" x 2" (200 x 50mm) O/F Combo Stone

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NORTON / BEAR IB8 Aluminium Oxide 8" x 2" (200 x 50mm) Oil Filled Combination Sharpening Stone

Good quality knives need to be looked after & must be sharpened from time to time. When subjected to wear & tear, through contact with the object being cut or with the chopping board.  Even the best knife will lose its edge eventually. Its never any fun or safe to use a blunt knife do yourself a favour & buy the best.  Stone sharpening is an art, although like all things in life practice & persistence is the key!  The Aluminium Oxide oil stones (India stone) are a very popular man-made choice.  The most popular are called India Stone which are made by Norton.  These stones can cut fast, and can also produce a fine edge on tools and knives.  The grading system for these stones is generally labelled fine, medium, and coarse.  These stones are often brown or orange in colour.  


  • Long lasting cutting edge.
  • Ideal for clean de-burring, generating keen edges and quality finishes.


  • Type: Aluminium Oxide
  • Grit: Coarse 200 / Fine 400
  • Size: 200 X 50 X 25 mm
  • Made in: Mexico


Silicon Carbide is preferred for faster stock removal if the knife is chipped or highly blunt whereas Aluminium Oxide is preferred to finish the edge being a slower cutting stone.

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