Collection: All Arkansas

Arkansas stone is a Unique natural stone that is only mined from the Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas. The 5 grades of stone are Soft, Hard, Hard Black, Surgical Black and translucent. The unique cryptocrystalline structure allows the stone to retain its effective abrasion characteristic and shape. Sharpening stones are composed of 99.9% pure silica. What makes Novaculite so unique is it’s ability to remove less material than other abrasive products. Because the stone is naturally so durable, it is able to perform for an extended period of time and never require lapping or flattening.

Mined and crafted since prehistoric times, Novaculite was originally used to sharpen and produce the earliest of tools from a simple arrowhead to an axe. Today, the stone is prized for its range of versatility. Exhibiting the ability to maintain tools in pristine condition from the smoothest blade to the sharpest edge, Novaculite stones are applicable to virtually any blade edge industry.