Collection: WATER STONES

Water Stones have become increasingly popular. They are designed to be softer and more porous than traditional bench stones, with abrasive grit from the stone forming a fast-cutting slurry on the surface of the stone during the sharpening process. The abrasive/bond combination makes these stones cut faster than bench stones and impart a much smoother finish.

Whet stones should be completely soaked in water for several minutes prior to use, ensuring that the water has penetrated through the entire stone.

RH Preyda Arkansas Water Stones are made using natural Novaculite. Unique to the whetstone market, this natural component allows for superior sharpening performance by combining abrasiveness with hardness. Providing a quicker dull-to-sharp process, RH Preyda Arkansas Water Stones have also proven more durable than traditional water stones. Silicone Non-Slip Base included.