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EZESharp Blade Sharpener Tool sharpener with Wedge (Scissors & Tools)

EZESharp Blade Sharpener Tool sharpener with Wedge (Scissors & Tools)

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The EZESharp Blade Sharpener is capable of sharpening almost any blade BIG or small:

  • Cleaver’s
  • Gardening Shears
  • Wood Chisels & Plane Blades
  • Hair Dressing & Dress Making Scissors
  • Kitchen Knives *
  • Butchers Knives *
  • Filleting Knives *
  • Pocket Knives *
  • Serrated Blades *
  • and many other items. *

Note: The optional Flip-Over attachment is recommended when sharpening these styles and sizes of Blades.

EZESharp Blade Sharpener works by clamping the blade to be sharpened in a rotatable vice-like clamping jig with Degree Angle Adjustments.

Various abrasive stones, files or diamond stones can be used, resulting in no loss of temper in the blade.

A T-Bar guide holds the abrasive at a very accurate angle in relation to the blade being sharpened, while allowing the operator total control over movement and pressure put on the edge being sharpened.

All this takes the guesswork out of sharpening – every time! The result is an edge so sharp and strong the professionals acclaim this a superior method of sharpening.

The EZESharp Blade Sharpener is available with either  the 100mm Flip Over or Wedge Configuration.

Included in the Package:

  • EZESharp Blade Sharpener
  • 8″x2″x1″ Stone Frame
  • 9″x3″x1″ Stone Frame
  • Basic Complementary Whetstone – Medium/Fine
  • Wedge attachement
  • Owners / Operational Manual
  • All necessary tools

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