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D10F - DIAMOND OVAL SHARPENER 10" Fine Oval Plastic Handle Sleeve 600 GRIT

D10SF - DIAMOND OVAL SHARPENER 10" Fine Oval Plastic Handle Sleeve 1200 GRIT

Preparing food using blunt knives is not only frustrating but also dangerous. A blunt knife can lead you to apply extra force which can end up damaging your ingredients or even cause an accident with your fingers. For that reason, whether you are a professional cook or a home chef, it is extremely important to maintain your kitchen knives always sharp. Not only is safer but it also allows you to perform easy and fast cuts with minimum effort required. This does not mean that after your knife start to lose its sharpness you should throw it away and get a new one. Of course not. You can simply sharpen or hone your knives in a regular basis, and you can do that by using the correct sharpening steel for you.

EZE-LAP manufactures products using five different diamond grits. This wide selection in diamond sizes allows you to match the right diamond surface to your specific sharpening application.

Fine Diamond, Whats that?

We at EZE-LAP feel that 98% of all sharpening can be performed by our fine (600) grit diamond. This fine grit diamond has the abrasive ability to effectively sharpen a dull knife in less than a minute and bring the edge to keen razor finish. The fine grit is offered on all EZE-LAP diamond products. Round sharpeners are available in the fine grit only. Flat sharpeners have the designation “F” to indicate the fine grit after the numbers, i.e. (26F or 72F).

Medium Diamond, Whats that?

When your job requires a surface that will sharpen quickly, but still leave a high quality finish (suitable for shaving), we offer a medium (400) grit diamond. Medium grit available on all flat tools and designated by “M” after the model number. i.e., (26M or 72M).

Coarse Diamond, Whats that?

For those who wish to get the job done fast but are still interested in a good quality finish EZE-LAP offers a coarse (250) grit diamond. This diamond surface lends itself well for sharpening axes, shovels, garden tools, industrial shop tools and de-burring application. Coarse grit is also offered on all flat tools. Designated “C” after the model number to indicate coarse grit, i.e. (26C or 72C).

Extra Coarse Diamond, Whats that?

For very fast metal removal try our extra coarse (150) grit diamond for roughing in or prepping for final finish. Extra coarse grit is available on all flat tools. Designated by “XC” after the model number, i.e. (26XC or 71XC).

Super Fine Diamond, Whats that?

To achieve the ultimate in a polished finish try our Superfine (1200) grit diamond surface. It is designed to polish and fine finish to mirror perfection. Ideally suited for woodworking and industrial application where only perfection is tolerated. Available on selected flat products, check designation “SF” after the number for ordering, i.e. (66SF or 81SF).

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