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Tramontina Knives

10" High Carbon Steel Sharpening Steel Tramontina Low n Slow 38021/310

10" High Carbon Steel Sharpening Steel Tramontina Low n Slow 38021/310

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10" High Carbon Steel Sharpener Tramontina Low n Slow

Maximise the sharpness of your knives with the high carbon steel sharpener.

The handle is polypropylene and has antibacterial protection, which inhibits and decreases bacteria and fungi growth.

Dishwasher safe and lifetime guarantee against manufacturer's defects and workmanship in domestic home use.

Steel length to handle is 25cm or 10 inches. Handle is in 13cm long or 5 inches. Total length is 38cm.

Handle with care when loading the knife into the dishwasher. Place in a stable position to avoid the knife moving around during the cycle. Although this item is dishwasher safe, it is recommended to hand wash immediately after use in warm soapy water. Always dry knife after hand/dishwashing with a clean dry cloth. Do not soak.

Keep knives sharp by regularly sharpening with this steel sharpener depending on usage.

HOW TO USE / Honing the Knife

1 - To safely use a steel for beginners, hold it vertically with the tip firmly planted on the counter. Place the heel of the blade against the top of the steel and point the knife tip slightly upward. Hold the blade at a 15-20‑degree angle away from the steel.

2 - Maintaining light pressure and a 15-20‑degree angle between the blade and the steel, slide the blade down the length of the steel in a sweeping motion, pulling the knife toward your body so that the middle of the blade is in contact with the middle of the steel.

3 - Finish the motion by passing the tip of the blade over the bottom of the steel. Repeat this motion on the other side of the blade. Four or five strokes on each side of the blade (a total of eight to 10 alternating passes) should realign the edge.


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