Collection: Dexter Russell USA

Aussie Outback Supplies is the Authorised Australian Importer / Distributor of Dexter USA. We Guarantee genuine products with a full manufacturer’s warranty.

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Aussie Outback Supplies, The Spencer Family have been importers and distributors of Dexter 1818 within Australia since 1988. Dexter was distributed in Australia By Father & Son, Keith Spencer and  Darren Spencer. This legacy continues today with the third generation being Darren and his son Brayden Spencer distributing more than 150 Dexter models Australia wide.

Dexter 1818 is the largest manufacturer of professional cutlery in the United states. It is also the oldest. Throughout their long and rich history, they have maintained a tradition of excellence in both materials and workmanship. This company is the proud successor to the two oldest American cutlery manufacturers: the Harrington Cutlery company (Russell Harrington) and the John Russell Cutlery company (Dexter Russell).