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The Blade Sharpenerknife sharpeners

The Bladesharpener can be supplied with a Flipover or Wedge or both. Stones are not included. Contact us for details.

$295 + $30 Postage Australia Wide

Works by clamping the blade to be sharpened in a rotatable vice-like clamping jig with Degree Angle Adjustments.

Various abrasive stones, files or diamond stones can be used, resulting in no loss of temper in the blade.

A guide (the T-Bar) holds the abrasive at a very accurate angle in relation to the blade being sharpened, while allowing the operator total control over movement and pressure put on the edge being sharpened.

All this takes the guesswork out of sharpening – every time! The result is an edge so sharp and strong the professionals acclaim this a superior method of sharpening.

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Pocket Knivespocket knife sharpener

Standard 100mm flip overs can be machined to take short or Pocket Knives

Note: Knives to 7” can still be sharpened.

Item ‘A’ pictured at left shows 100mm flip over.

Item ‘B’ pictured at left shows how flip over can be machined to take short knives or Pocket Knives.

Fitting supplied with all sharpeners to take round or flat files. Photo shows fitting for serrated edge knives and how the file works.

Serrated Edge Knife Sharpening


Angle setting same as for flip over for ordinary knives.

“T” Bar 40 degrees, flip over 15-20 degrees or use your own settings.



Blade sharpener with wedge for multipurpose sharpening. Clamp item to be sharpened in the wedge – set the exact angle you require and push the stone over the item until it is sharp – take out and turn over, sharpen the other side. Wedge can be used for knives, scissors, shears etc.

Ideal for farmers, gardeners, handymen.

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Beware! Never leave any blade in your sharpener unattended.